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Monday, April 8, 2013

Grand Canyon

Finally updating, this has been a busy trip! 
After we left Las Vegas, we headed to Williams Arizona, which calls itself the "Gateway to the Grand Canyon".  We decided to take the train to the Grand Canyon one day and what a beautiful day we picked.  The weather was perfect with plenty of sunshine and blue skies.  We rode up to the canyon in the observation car to enjoy the scenery, it was a lot of fun and the views were great!  We also booked a bus tour at the canyon that took us to several look-outs and then we still had a couple of hours before we had to catch the train back to Williams.

We don't believe there are words to describe the canyon or any pictures that can really capture it's beauty and vastness!!  Every direction we looked in took our breath away!  We took so many pictures we had to buy another memory card for the camera!  We had a hard time picking the pictures to post.

A couple of days after we rode the train to the canyon, we drove up so we could spend more time.  It was cloudy that day, so the canyon, and the pictures, have a totally different look and feel to them.
The Colorado River can be seen at the bottom of the canyon in several of the pictures.

This is a pic of Humphrey's Peak, the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet.  It is actually closer to Flagstaff than Williams or the Grand Canyon.  It is one of a series of mountains known as the San Francisco Peaks.  It was gorgeous!  We were very disappointed that the Arizona Snowbowl's Scenic Skyride didn't open until May 26, we would have loved it!  We are keeping it on our list of things to do for our next trip out here!
Finally saw elk!  We were beginning to think we would never see any.  These were at Desert View not far from the souvenir shop.
It was a little windy!  There was a fence at this point but I was happy to find that there were many places at the look outs that you could walk right up to the edge of the canyon!  It was an amazing feeling!!

We went to the canyon twice and it still wasn't enough!  While at the canyon, we also visited the Tusayan Indian Ruins, the Watchtower and several of the historic buildings, but there were just too many pictures to post, and too much information.  You can find out about all the interesting facts not included here at