Bruce and Cindy's Travels

Bruce and Cindy's Travels
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our campsite at Oak Mountain
View from dinning table
View from my recliner

Today we plan to explore a little more of the park and probably leave for the Gulf tomorrow :)It was about 68 yesterday so on went my shorts while I putzed about the camper...strange looks from our fellow campers...I thought it was from my terribly white legs, but then noticed all the other campers wearing big coats...really? it's 68 degrees! that's tropical in Michigan!


  1. 68 is cold to people who live in the south but I would love it if it were 68 here in MI! Take care and have fun! Cheryl D.

  2. Will try again to comment on your blog:

    You guys remind us of the words of our family theme song: "Like a band of gypsies rollin' down the highway . . ." (Willie Nelson) Can you “roll” by our place? Would love to see you two!

    1. we sure will Dave, we will give you guys a call!