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Bruce and Cindy's Travels
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Critters, zoo keepers, more critters + pic's

We loved our stay at Hillsborough State Park, we've had all kinds of critters visit our campsite, armadillos, owls, hawks, lizards, vultures, Cindy even had a Red Shoulder Hawk fly down and snatch up a lizard about 5ft away from her! I also had a very close encounter....
A bacon double cheese burger with two krispy kreme doughnuts as the bun!!! Not to worry, I survived, after a nap :)

We also spent two days at Busch Gardens where we paid a little extra to go behind the scenes with the zoo keepers and watch how they feed and use hand signals to get the tigers and orangutans to do some amazing things.  We were so close to the tigers we could smell their breath! Our favorites were the orangutans.
Everywhere we went we seemed to attract birds
These birds, the Ibis, are everywhere and are as pushy as a Detroit Pigeon, they'll take the food right out of your mouth!
Tomorrow we are moving camp and heading for the Crystal River area in search of Manatee's!

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  1. Awesome pictures. Looks like you guys are having a great time!