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Bruce and Cindy's Travels
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A mine, Tornado, Chimpanzee, Zipline and The Dell's

Pic's of our visit to Aunt Dorothy's.  We set up in her back yard and spent a couple days visiting with her, Bobby, Sarah, Kimberly and Kristen (and Bubba too!!)
After a few one night stops on our way to Wisconsin Dells, we ended up at Cindy's new favorite campground just outside Escanaba.  If you look real close, what you are seeing above the camper is the top of the casino's hotel! 
Our campsite at Wells State Park, just south of Escanaba.  This was actually where we were headed when we got sidetracked by the casino campground!  Beautiful campground right on Lake Michigan.  Forecast was for a chance of thunderstorms and we were excited about the possibility of watching a storm over the lake.
As you can see, we did get a storm, not exactly what we were hoping for tho!!  A storm moved in early one morning with VERY high winds.  We counted about 30 trees down just inside the campground, not counting the ones blocking the road into and out of the campground itself!!  Thankfully, it was not a weekend, otherwise many of the downed trees would have landed on tents or campers!  Luckily, no damage to any campsite that was occupied!  The campground lost electrical power, so after waiting several hours to see if power was going to be restored soon, and the road to be opened, we ended up cutting our stay here short.

We visited an old copper mine.  We actually did not dress warm enough, it was really cold down in there, 37 to 42 degrees.  Pic of some of the local residents (cute little bats!)
We also visited DeYoung Zoo, featured on Natural Geographic channel a year or two ago.  We got to meet Louie, a 2 year old chimp, soooooo cute!!!   Also got to hold a young marmoset, cute tiny thing!
On our way to the zoo, we spotted this in someones front yard on the side of the road.  I guess people get bored in the U.P.!!
Wisconsin Dells, what a beautiful place once you get off the main strip away from the tourist traps and water parks!  We took the Upper Dells boat tour, about 2 1/2 hour boat ride through the upper dells with two stops.  We also took the Duck Boat tour which is an old military land and sea vehicle, and the Jet Boat ride, which was a lot of fun!!  Combine the three, and I guess we saw all the Dells from upper to lower!
Wait a minute, one more thing before we left the Dells, two old fools couldn't pass up the chance to zip line!!!  Climbed up tower one and ended at tower 6, total length about a mile!  What a blast!!!!

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