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Bruce and Cindy's Travels
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Border Patrol, Cactus and Snow!!

Our next stop on our journey, Tucson, Arizona.  On our way, we experienced something totally new and strange to us.  While travelling down the expressway, everyone on the expressway had to exit and go thru a border patrol check point!  They had xray and infrared equipment to scan your vehicles as you passed by and then we were asked if we had anyone in the fifth wheel!  I'm sure that is pretty normal for people living near the border, but we found it quite strange to say the least!!

Once we got to Tucson, we visited the Saguaro National Park.  The Saguaro Cactus are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert.  Here's a picture of the desert with mountains in the background.

With the right growing conditions, it is estimated that saguaros can live to be 150-200 years old, can grow to be between 40-60 feet tall and weigh between 3200-4800 pounds. It may be 90 years before their first arm appears. 
To learn more about these amazing cactus, here's the website:

Yep, snow!!!!  We have been camping, mostly in Michigan, for about 30 years and never camped in the snow before Tucson, Arizona!  Must say, we kind of enjoyed it and it was quite pretty!

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